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João Branco Noro - Soldado
Reference code PT/AHM/DIV/1/35A/2/74/70324
Manuel Simões Paixão - Soldado
Reference code PT/AHM/DIV/1/35A/2/58/54599
Tiburcio Casimiro - Soldado - C.A.L.P.
Reference code PT/AHM/DIV/1/35A/2/39/35286
José Mendes Pereira - Primeiro-Cabo
Reference code PT/AHM/DIV/1/35A/2/76/71969
Firmino Rodrigues - Soldado - R.I.20
Reference code PT/AHM/DIV/1/35A/2/63/59173
Reference code PT/AHM/DIV/1/35A/2/66/62776
Manuel José da Silva - Soldado
Reference code PT/AHM/DIV/1/35A/2/44/40746